Executive Coaching from the Executive’s Perspective

Not long ago I invited several CEOs and Presidents to share what executive coaching is as they experience it and define it. To continue this Series, here are their thoughts and commentary to Question 5.

Q 5:  What are 2-3 ‘pitfalls’ that executives should keep in mind when considering whether or not to participate in an executive coaching relationship?

“That the client isn’t me. The client is the company and its agenda. The executive coach is here to help me serve that agenda in the role I have to the best of my God-given ability.”

“They should remember that the executive coach is not an answer person, or a friend, and doesn’t solve problems. The executive coach is not Dear Abby…the executive needs to figure out how to solve the problem him or herself.”

“Don’t just assume that the caliber of available coaches is always good. There are a lot of people calling themselves executive coaches who are really unfit professionally, morally, and ethically to do this work. The coach is in a very powerful role; he or she needs to have their own internal guidance system so that they don’t cross the line…and it is a very thin line between good and bad coaching.”

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